“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection. Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try."

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What happened to you? / What are the reasons you blog got deleted?

Tumblr staff send me an email telling me I was reported for copyright infringment and for that I was suspended and I won’t have my blog back

I don’t know who reported me and for what reason but the only ones I could think about were my current masterposts (the text post with the download links for tv shows) and the photoshop download link in my faq but I don’t know for sure cause tumblr wouldn’t specify what I did wrong I just revieced these emails

Other people have download links/masterposts why didn’t they get suspended?

I guess it was cause I was reported for it

What happened to hellyeahmasterposts?

it got reported and deleted too

Will you post the link and the masterposts again?


Where did you find this episode/Can you give me a link for that episode?

no and I won’t respond you so don’t ask

How do you put a gif on tumblr?

Text > +Upload Photo and then you can copy the gif and paste it wherever you need it

Why my gif doesn’t move?

The gif has to be max 500x500 px and under 1mb = 1000 kb

What do you use to make gifs?

Photoshop CS2 + ImageReady + KMPlayer for the caps

How do you make them?

I made a few tutorials and if you don’t find what you need feel free to request others

I used the Load files into stack option but the error “Error 22: Window does not have a constructor. Line: 388” come up, what can you do?

Try restarting your photoshop, if that doesn’t work you can either disinstall and reinstall photoshop or change version entirely

How can you put more than two gifs on top of each other?

With this script

What font do you use on your gifs?

I mostly use arial now but on old ones I used either futura or georgia

I wrote something on my gif but it only shows on one frame, what can I do?

you either duplicate the layer and then delete the original one or you click on the animation options and then match across frames

Can you share this/that coloring?

Look at my psds page, most of the colorings I use are very similar to those but if you don’t find what you need feel free to request some

I’ve downloaded a psd now how can I use it?

My psds have all the coloring layers into folders so just drag the folder you need on top of whatever you’re trying to color and if they’re not into one folder just select them all and do the same

How do you put a link in the description?

Every tag of tumblr has a link like tumblrname.tumblr.com/tagged/mygraphics (for example), you just need to put that link in this code <a href”LINK”>My graphics</a> and the paste the link in the description

How do you put a gif in the description?

First you have to host the gif somewhere like tinypic or photobucket then put this code in the description <img src=”LINKOFTHEGIF”>

How do you get your gif to change with every refresh or new page?

it’s a java script

How do you create a page like this?

Customize > Pages > Add a page

Can you share some good fanfiction you’ve read?

I don’t read that much fanfictions but the ones that I read and liked are all here

Do you follow back?

No I’m sorry but I only follow blogs I have something in common with, unless you’re sure I followed you before then just send me a message and i’ll follow back again

Can you promote me/reblog this/post this?

No sorry

Why and how did you get the Ads on your blog? How much do you get payed?

A little extra money is always welcome and since they’re only on my blog it shouldn’t bother anybody. Everybody can have them just register on the Adsense site and wait for confirmation that your blog can put the ads and then follow the instruction the site gives you, it’s very easy and you shouldn’t have problems. Once you have the ads code just put in your description and you’re good to go. As for the money it really depends on the day and how many views you page get but I would say you can get from a minimum of 0,20 cents to a max of 0,70 cents per click