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tutorial #20: “fake” photoset

example of what are we going to do

  this is another way to make photosets more fun and it’s a really easy especially now that we have the 1mb limit

for the way I did mine you’ll need 8 individual gifs, 2 (with the same amount of caps) for every slot of the photoset so go ahead and create your gif in photoshop and when you need to cut your gif look at these templates so you’ll know the measurements (the green part is the invisible space between the two gifs)

so you’ll need to cut your gifs 245x117 or 117x245 depending on which orientation you want to give to your “block”

once you have your gifs save them and reopen them as I did in this tutorial which is basically what we’re doing here

go to your first gif and do edit->canvas size… and put 245 wherever you have 117 with the ancor on the left (or on top depending on which orientation you have) then go to your second gif, select all the frames, copy them then go back to the first gif, select all the layers and paste them checking the Past Over Selection and while you have all the frames selected, select the layers of the second gif and move them on the right (or on the bottom) so you’ll have the clear space between the two gifs and you’re done! Do as many as you like and play with the orientations to make it more interesting

as always if you have any soubt or questions you know where my ask is <3

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