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Top 5 comedy tv shows?

im gonna say the first five i can remember: it’s always sunny in philadelphia, how i met your mother without the finale, scrubs, that ’70s show without the last season and men at work

is austenland worth watching?

omg yes it was amazing

psssst, Olicity are going to kiss in the premiere. It was in the canadian promo



have you seen the movie starter for 10? i think you'd really like it

nope but i have it downloaded on my computer for some reason, i will watch it soon

small things: i'm still not a huge fan of oliver but i am a fan of his character development. LAUREL. ever since the beginning, i just can't like her. i have nothing against her and i feel like she should be a good character and she tries hard i just can't like her and find her a bit annoying. it's frustrating because where i am in the story, she's not terrible. kind of similar thing with thea. i want to like them but during episodes, i'd rather not have too many long scenes with them

ugh laurel, i always hated her especially in season 2 but i’m hoping next season will be her biggest development and the same goes with thea but she has SO MUCH POTENTIAL and i will stop talking cause you’ll get this after watching the finale

hi. okay so i haven't updated you in a while (i will though!) but basically i'm like ten episodes into the second season atm. i just wanted to say 3 quick things. 1) i love summer glau so it's fun seeing her 2) why do i watch shows where dead characters aren't truly dead? and 3) my favorite O jealous moment is still from s1 when he pushes the creep out of the elevator

yay you’re back

1 i love her too so much i might watch sarah connor something (basically the robot show she was on??)

2 lol welcome to the club

3 AHAH better ones are coming don’t worry

so i really like your taste in tv shows and i want to expand my music library, what are you really into nowadays? :)

my music taste is all over the place tbh i don’t even know where to begin

this is the latest playlist i have on my ipod and sometimes i listen to these mixes

basically commercial music for when im traveling around the city and classical when i study lol

ooh i forgot it was a cw show. that makes more sense. i think i was just spoiled with my more recently watched shows like hannibal and such. on to the last three episodes!

can’t wait to see your reaction to the finale

nearing the end of season 1. diggle has walked out. so overall--- oliver is not a particularly favorite character of mine :p i like diggs and felicity better. maybe even tommy even though he was annoying at first. i think cinematic wise there are some eh scenes making them look a bit cheesy or overdone. im not the biggest fan of the writing either...i like it for the most part but there are some lines/scenes where i'm just like that's really cheesy or unnecessary and it takes away from the show

totally agree especially on season one if you look at it seriously it has a lot of flaws but you have to put in consideration that we’re talking about a cw show and looking at their quality which is super low tbh arrow isn’t so bad

Maaaarrrryyy why aren't bellamy and clarke making babiiesss yettt??? I don't wanna waiitttt!!!!

i like to think that in a parallel universe they are anon

we just have to be patient WE CAN DO IT