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Why do you ship Olicity? I thought you liked them as friends?

yes in season one i felt like that, i didn’t ship them romantically yet but i could already see the friendship they had was different and felicity was that special person in oliver’s life and maybe that’s why now i ship them so hard cause they developed beautifully from “i need you to do computer stuff for me” to actual partners to i can’t do this without you i just can’t wait to see the next step <3

Hey, where are you watching outlander?? I really liked the books and I want to see whether I like the show but I'm a poor student w/out cable. Thanks!!

torrents or download links boo

I cant give you anything specific but just do a search on google you’ll find something

starting to jump back into arrow: barry!! jealous oliver is hilarious oliver. i am literally replaying these scenes while im watching the episode. but also, yay for ollie "just wanting felicity to be happy" and inviting him back for the dance.

those two episodes are my favourites of season two cause jealous oliver »»»»everything

also i can’t wait for you to see the finale

It sucks Olicity wont be endgame and tht lauriver will

ahahahahahaha yeah right

What are the current ships you're obsessed with? I'm trying to figure out what to watch and I like a good romance in my shows :)

at this moment oliver/felicity from arrow, jamie/claire from outlander and jimmy/gretchen from you’re the worst are right there at the top but i have a page on my sidebar with all the ships i have

OH and this is the cutest: chirravutever. tumblr. com/post/96815802661 :) I figured you don't go into the tags much so here I am :)

(i read this and i forgot to reply you have the right to punch me yes)

ANYWAY thank you for being my personal olicity heart attack provider


omg do you have a list of all the gifs you use for your sidebar? I want to know all of them :p ALSO you should have one of Oliver and Felicity. Just sayin' because you seem to be enjoying that show and couple a lot! Is it worth a shot?

yes i have you want me to link it to you? and obviously i have two gifs about oliver and felicity and YES WATCH IT

so watched the pilot episode of Selfie with John Cho and Karen Gillan (it's available on hulu). it's not the WORST but ugh i just feel like with those two stars, there could have been a better, more substantial show. *sigh*

i agree but im saving my judgement until ive seen at least five/six episodes

Top 5 comedy tv shows?

im gonna say the first five i can remember: it’s always sunny in philadelphia, how i met your mother without the finale, scrubs, that ’70s show without the last season and men at work

is austenland worth watching?

omg yes it was amazing