“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection. Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try."

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"i mean i'm not your girl...i wasn't making a pass at you" she gets more adorable by the appearance

*im crying internally because of something that happens in season two and i don’t want to spoil you*


watching what? you didn't say...

"you’re the worst" it’s the title of the show, i know it’s cofusing 

finally downloaded the first two seasons of arrow. have JUST met felicity (like i paused after her babble). for some reason, i imagined her with a british accent in the gifs.

nope they’re alla americans


pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz more gif from the americans!!!!

lol i only did one photoset on the americans tho?

it’s not a very giffable show but i still have s2 to watch so i’ll try make some

bit of a throwback but i just finished watching the veronica mars movie. a) grown up logan is so much more attractive to me and b) i couldnt help it- every time there was a kristen bell voiceover, all i heard was gossip girl speaking instead of vm :p

funny thing here i never associate kbell to gossip girl? it’s weird i know but when i hear her speak i never think og gossip girl lol

also yes logan yes

Fargo? The FX series was great. Sorry to (potentially) add to this already pretty impressive list.

oh god anon don’t do this to me

I'm not sure if you want help picking the next show you should watch bt i thought i could help a little (hope you don't mind :) true detective master of sex and vikings

ii’ve had the same recs twice, i guess it’s destiny lol

re: your tv shows list - there isn't a borgias s4? it got cancelled after s3

season 3 is what i meant yes

maaaaann you are making me want to watch the 100 SO BAD right now. But I'm fasting and I'm staying away from TV and music for the month and GAHHH BELLAMY AND CLARKE. Also, I read the book (because of all these gifs of course), and it was awesome. Waiting impatiently for the second one. idk if you read it yet, but they left out a really cool character from the TV series I think.

ughh the struggle!1!!1 but son’t worry the episodes will be there when you’re done with the fasting and it will be AMAZING

i have the book on my phone and i will read it asap cause i read a few quotes here and there and dskfjhoeifhsgkjsbgrsn as for the character i wont say anything cause i don’t wont to spoil you :o

Ciao, Io sono in italia e' ho una domanda! mi dispiace se il mio italiano non e' buono, ma voglio chiedere dello shopping qui. Quale e' il tuo negozio preferito per comprare i vestiti? Voglio comprare nuove vestiti e magliette ma non so dove..

di solito vado da oviesse, h&m, zara, bershka o pull and bear ;)