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at the point where felicity temporarily joined then quickly quit and now he's back in the office asking for a second chance. wooohoooo. i like how felicity has a genuine nervousness (like her occasional babbling and the acting doesn't make it seem like they're just trying to make the girl "quirky") but still is very confident and strong. also love her choice of strong lip colors.

i wish i had that lips gurl felicity is perfect even with the babblin and THE BEST IS YET TO COME

Don't know if I'm stupid and you were being sarcastic (if you were, I'm sorry!), but the gifset you tagged #who are you is of an actor named Harry Treadaway. He's in Penny Dreadful, which is an amazing show and you should totally watch it! (he also has an identical twin named Luke.) :)

no i swear i didn’t know (responding to other anons who asked me this lol)

anyway thank you jesus for giving us not one but two of them

penny dreadful just made the top of the list yes im that shallow

i like HER (helena) but it doesn't make sense to me that she'd become so involved (in terms of knowledge) so quickly. and i hate when characters aren't handled well :p I'm liking it!! losing so much sleep because i can only watch it at night. i like the characters so far and the acting. excited to see where this goeeessss (expect another update later. haha)

yes i understand what you’re saying and agree that wasnt handled right and YES update me on everything *_*

(lol who isn’t a diggle fan,he’s the best)

finally downloaded the first two seasons of arrow. have JUST met felicity (like i paused after her babble). for some reason, i imagined her with a british accent in the gifs.

nope they’re alla americans


bit of a throwback but i just finished watching the veronica mars movie. a) grown up logan is so much more attractive to me and b) i couldnt help it- every time there was a kristen bell voiceover, all i heard was gossip girl speaking instead of vm :p

funny thing here i never associate kbell to gossip girl? it’s weird i know but when i hear her speak i never think og gossip girl lol

also yes logan yes

Fargo? The FX series was great. Sorry to (potentially) add to this already pretty impressive list.

oh god anon don’t do this to me

I'm not sure if you want help picking the next show you should watch bt i thought i could help a little (hope you don't mind :) true detective master of sex and vikings

ii’ve had the same recs twice, i guess it’s destiny lol

re: your tv shows list - there isn't a borgias s4? it got cancelled after s3

season 3 is what i meant yes

i just wanted to say that i love that you reblog atonement stuff

i wish i rebbloged more so that I could scream FUCKING BRIONYYYYY in every tag

I'm not worried for olicity, there's a reason why the writers took out the kiss scene when they could've jumped the gun like the gross uncalled for sex scene last season with laurel!!! Higher chance that laurel and Oliver will break up again and then Oliver ends with felicity for good

i don’t even wanna think about, i’m deep in my olicity bubble

we’ll see what direction they will take with next season tbh