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You're LOVELY! Please don't forget that! Bye bye!

about the mindy project: I just HATE in tv shows when they're like "I love you too much, we need to break up, I'll be better sharing all my life with someone I care less about" eg. TMP, new girl... f*ck this cheap trick of a plot twist

i’m super conflicted about it cause talking about tmp as a person i get it cause i’m exactly like danny so i know where he’s coming from and why is he doing it, as a tv watched im like meh? if they wanted conflict there were a million different ways to do that better

as new girl that was all bullshit and i’m not even gonna comment

The actors playing Emma and Alex are dating? What?

yess they areee

how do you find time to watch your shows? i have so many shows to watch but i never get around to them :/

idk I just do? I don’t watch much weekly cause i’m busy with classes so i get most of my watching done in the weekends or in the hiatuses

Mary, what are your thoughts on this second leg of OUAT? Are you liking it?

i lost interest with the plot of ouat last season tbh i’m only watching for captain swan (and a liiittle bit for outlaw queen) cause the show is reaching whole new levels of ridiculousness with every episode i just can’t with it

the second episode was supposed to air way earlier,wehn mindy was still with cliff,but they delayed it and then they had to rewrite/reshoot scenes to adapt it to the new plot ... that's why it felt a bit off

oh okay, but still you can’t do that mindy babe NOT WHEN THE STAKES ARE THIS HIGH

You watch Veep?! Isn't it hilarious? Do you ship anyone on there?

i marathoned it during christmas break and i love it so much i’m so glad it’s finally back *_*

and no i don’t ship anyone

Has the creators of HIMYM made a statement yet about their royal screw up?

not that I know of, i’ve read the interview somebody made to josh radnor and of course he was on board with everything

Hey Mary, how's your heart about Danny and Mindy?

my heart is exploding basically

my only critisism is that i would have loved to see mindy a little bit conflicted about her feelings for danny? like danny is already there and we’ve seen this numerous times but mindy has never had a true interest for danny at least there’s definitely something there the attraction is undeniable but i doubt she’s on the same level of danny so i hope they explore that after the initial frenzy

but anyway i don’t care my babies are happy and kissing let them do whatever they want

i just watched himym finale and have lost all hope in tv shows and good writing and storytelling hELP WHAT DO I DO

watch good tv shows and keep trying