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hey do you know how to make a slow motion gif? :)

depends on what you mean by slow motion, if you want it like in movies you need to take a shitload of caps (like everyframe) and then just use a slow timing. if you mean that kind of pretty effect that’s slow but not slow somebody told me you need to make every other frame slower than the rest but I never tried it myself

Mary! Do you have any advices in editing to avoid LQ? Like not using Curves or anything. And also, what settings do you use, the Perceptual/Adaptive thingy? Thanks. :)

I think unless you know how to use curves (which I still don’t tbh) they most likely will show all the low quality especially in gifs so I try to avoid them as much as I can (a little bit here and there doesn’t hurt). another thing crucial with low quality is size, the smallest the better so don’t go try do a 500x200 gif with a 480p quality it will turn like crap no matte what coloring you can invent. you can see what I mean here: the video is the same 720p quality and the coloring is the same but here I used a liiittle bit of curves and did the gif slitly bigger and you can see all the pixely grain and it looks like crap, here I didn’t use the curves cause the scene was bright enough, the gif is smaller and the quality looks perfect (there’s still some pixely noise in the background but you can’t get away from it)

as for I save my gifs if you go in my first tutorial there’s a picture of all my options :)

can you please do a tutorial on how to make a gif like this with the yellow font outline thing? thank you. 25(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/tumblr_m3c63suCR41qcwisvo1_500(.)gif

do your writing then duplicate the layer and make the text layer under it another color, in this case yellow and then move it a little to the left or right whatever you like and you’re done :)

Tutorial #21: How to cut a gif in shapes

it’s very easy and in the video you get to see a bit how I make a gif even tho I apologize for the orrible coloring but I had to keep the video under 10 minutes so I couldn’t play with it a lot. the steps are pretty much these (in the video I did a circle but you can use every shape you want obviously) and the final result is here

as always is you have doubts, questions or requests my ask is always open <3

How do you make the text look like this? 29(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/tumblr_lz5jw5dNVa1qaxb5jo4_400(.)gif
  • first you need to make a text layer and choose a dark color
  • then this
  • then this
  • then press ok and you’re done

Hey, could you please tell me how to color circle gif ( a circle gif inside a gif)? I mean for exapmle I want to color it black and white. But the background became black and white too. How to make them in different colors? Thank you. :)

you can either work on the circle then save it and then you paste it on top of the “color” gif or when you do the black and white (I use a gradient map) and you can use the mask to make the layer apply only to the circle like this

tutorial #20: “fake” photoset

example of what are we going to do

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Tutorial #19 : how to erase the background and making a silhouette

it’s all showed in the tutorial above but in case you can’t understand what I did these are the steps

as always if you have doubts or questions my ask is always open <3

hiii! Can you please make a tutorial of how to put 2-3 subtitles on a gif?

Could you make a tutorial for this effect, maker: musguita post: /11662117396/au-meme-james-lily-spies-mrsbotwin ? It's like a soft color glow. It's so pretty and I can't figure out how it's done.

since I didn’t do that graphic and that girl is amazing I feel really wrong doing this but this is how I would do that effect

  • duplicate your base
  • filter->surface blur-> radius : 15 px , threshold : 19 px
  • switch the layer mode to lighten (you can lower the opacity if it’s too much)
  • I added a curve and a contrast layer
  • then a dark blue/light blue gradient map (you can use any color it just has to be dark/light)
  • and to finish a black/white gradient on soft light
  • and this is the result
  • here’s the psd if you want a closer look